Emergency Call Location

EmergencyLocate can help locate anyone that want’s be located.

Historically, location difficulties have arisen when an emergency caller is unable to clearly communicate their location to the emergency services, which could be for a number of reasons:

Medical compromise  – Episodes such as a severe asthma attack, onset of stroke symptoms, an altered level of consciousness, intoxication, allergic reaction or poisoning could all affect how able a caller could clearly communicate with your team.

Safety issues – Domestic violence, siege scenarios or an active shooter situation might mean it is unsafe for an emergency caller to be heard asking for help.

Environmental conditions –  EmergencyLocate can be used to great effect in situations where communication is ineffective due to loud noises, such as nightclubs, industrial workplaces or at a busy roadside. 

EmergencyLocate mobile finder app

Additionally, the caller, quite simply, may not know where they are!

We advocate that, in a time of crisis, it should not be the emergency caller’s responsibility to have the correct app on their phone or know their exact location. 

Instead, we aim to provide the tools that empower emergency services to rapidly and accurately locate those who are asking for help.

Identify location faster and more accurately than ever before

Wait... No words?

Receive highly accurate location information without needing your caller to speak, at all!

No app downloads

No need to wait for an app download, we provide you location data within seconds

Intelligent support

Instantly access multiple messaging platforms to ensure you can always get a location

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