If you can't talk... Text!

Exchange text messages with your emergency caller quickly and efficiently with our two-way text messenger.

Featuring AI-powered text-translation and language detection your teams will see communication barriers as a thing of the past. 

Whether used to confirm location details, obtain more information about the nature of an emergency or simply check if help is still required, our amazing text message solution gives you the tools you need to get the job done!

EmergencyLocate Text Messenger

Initiate a text conversation with anyone

Detect foreign languages automatically

Protect your own telephone numbers

Screen shot of messenger

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EmergencyLocate search results showing 3D Mapping and location information

Distribute visual life-saving instructions

Designed to support the verbal instructions being relayed over the emergency call with additional visual guidance to ensure accuracy and quality.

We are working with professional animation artists to create a series of videos such as our Effective CPR video shown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, inbound picture messages can be received, displayed and downloaded.

Our AI-powered translation service has native language detection built in!

We will display the language of the text you’ve received when you ask for a translation.

Not only that, but when you write a reply we will prioritise and highlight the language selection you need. No more waiting on a conference call for a human translator to join you!


EmergencyLocate uses a pool of mobile phone numbers to send our outbound messages. This helps protect you from having to use your own mobile phone number and from unwanted contact.

We always show you what number we have sent messages from, so you can verify the text message is authentic with the caller, if needed.

✅ Yes, emoji can be sent and received. We’re not sure why but so many people asked for this we made it happen.

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