What is the location of the emergency?

EmergencyLocate assists emergency and rescue services to locate where help is needed in even the toughest of circumstances!

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We are proud to be supporting Emergency Dispatch and SAR Teams across Canada, USA and UK

Welcome to our Platform.
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Crafted from real-world experience, the EmergencyLocate platform helps your teams solve the ongoing issue of emergency caller location by providing access to a series of powerful solutions to locate emergency callers, and direct responders to exactly where they are needed.

Locate, convert, deploy.

Here's how we can help

Accurate location data

We provide your with accurate location data directly from the caller's device. There's no need to install any kind of app, we don't even need your caller to be able to speak!

Easy to use

In 999/911/112 training time is a luxury few can afford. Powerful and efficient solutions can be simple too! We have built in tutorials and video demonstrations to refresh knowledge.

Less stress

Difficult locations in emergency situations are stressful events. Stressful for the person in distress, and stressful for your teams. EmergencyLocate makes location searching super simple for everyone involved!

Rapid results

We exchange information digitally over our super-fast and secure API, meaning as soon as the information is available, it is instantly shown on the EmergencyLocate map.

Dispatchable Address Data

The location data you will receive from us contains multiple formats and can be easily shared with responders and/or external agencies in just a few clicks.

Low cost, highly accessible

Designed from the ground up with emergency services in mind; A cost efficient pricing model and multiple access tiers so finances won't be a barrier to finding a solution that works for you.

Trusted to deliver mission critical location awareness, that helps save lives

What's available to you

We offer a free licence as well as our enhanced licence packages. The enhanced licence adds all the bells and whistles we’ve worked really hard to provide. Our free licence is incredibly effective, see below for a breakdown of features

Free Licence

Nothing to pay!

Make sure of our exclusive platform to convert between coordinate systems and purchase options bundles.
  • Convert to/from popular coordinate systems easily
  • Premium mapping and satellite imagery
  • Plot RV points & access routes
  • Optional bundles available:
  • SMS Locate and Deploy
  • SAR Deploy
It's easy to upgrade to our enhanced package at later!
Enhanced Licence

Priced Competitively

All the advanced tools your staff need to locate those needing emergency assistance. Annual licence cost depends on the size of your agency and emergency call volume.
  • Everything in the Free License plus:
  • Locate emergency callers reliably and accurately
  • Shared sessions between staff and managers
  • Get the nearest address to location or RVP
  • Share locations with external agencies
  • Deploy responders with ease
  • 2-way text messaging with callers
  • Download location data
  • Detailed log file
  • SAR Deploy included!
  • SMS Locate & Deploy included!

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