What is the location of the emergency?

A question asked of every single call answered by Emergency Services; easily the most important, and sometimes the most challenging. Mistakes in location can have fatal consequences for callers or even our own staff.

EmergencyLocate provide solutions to emergency and rescue services that help to pinpoint exactly where emergency assistance is needed.

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We are proud to be supporting Emergency Dispatch and SAR Teams across Canada, USA and UK

Crafted from years of dispatch and control room experience, the EmergencyLocate platform helps your teams solve the ongoing issue of emergency caller location by providing access to a series of powerful solutions to locate emergency callers, and direct responders to exactly where they are needed.


Locate your emergency callers with ease

Easily connect to your callers over multiple popular platforms and retrieve detailed location information, whenever, wherever! Alternatively, convert one location system to another accurately and efficiently.

EmergencyLocate Front Screen
EmergencyLocate locate device screen showing text message conversation between emergency dispatcher and casualty

If you can't talk, text!

Our two way messenger gives you the ability to ask further questions, provide advice and receive updates should clear communication during the emergency call be compromised or unsafe.

New for 2023, we now support AI-powered translation of all incoming and outgoing text messages to overcome any language barriers that could hamper your emergency response!

Make informed dispatch decisions

View location data in stunning 3D satellite map detail to make the best resource deployment decisions and gain essential intelligence for responders.

EmergencyLocate search results showing 3D Mapping and location information
EmergencyLocate results showing a number of waypoints and the ability to determine the nearest address

Find the nearest address, anywhere

Easily create individual location waypoints to aid navigation and identify the nearest address or prominent feature.

Navigate all the way to where the help is needed

Often, complex locations require responders to leave their vehicles and continue on foot, or by a specialist resource, forcing responders to continue without navigation support.

SAR Deploy brings simple ‘two-tap’ navigation to the field, ensuring responders get to the exact location efficiently and safely using popular apps pre-loaded with the coordinates of the location.

With no coordinates for a responder to input mobilisation is more efficient and accurate.


The number of times EmergencyLocate has helped make a difference to emergency, search and rescue service teams?


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EmergencyLocate has been created to provide solutions that can be used alongside your critical infrastructure and established processes to help save lives.

For an emergency response nothing is more critical than the location and we believe location is as much about ‘how’  as it is the ‘where’. 

Our solutions are built using real-world experience to help to ensure your callers are located, and your responders know how best to get where they’re needed. Get in touch to try out EmergencyLocate for FREE and see how we can support your operations.