What is the location of the emergency?

A question asked of every single call answered by Emergency Services; easily the most important, and sometimes the most challenging.

The EmergencyLocate platform provides solutions to emergency, search and rescue functions that rapidly and accurately pinpoint exactly where assistance is needed, and much more.

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EmergencyLocate awarded best Scottish Geospatial Technology 2024

For showcasing the best of Scottish geospatial innovation (sponsored by Geovation Scotland)

Trusted by emergency, search and rescue services across the world

Proudly supporting Emergency, search and rescue dispatch teams across Canada, USA and UK

Crafted from over 20 years of dispatch and control room experience, the EmergencyLocate platform supports your teams to address the issue of emergency caller location by providing access to a series of powerful solutions.

Our platform utilises cutting-edge technologies to make the very best location intelligence available to your teams. Here is our mapping system in action 👉

Urban or remote and rural, with EmergencyLocate your teams can make best dispatch decisions, every time.

How our customers use EmergencyLocate


Rapidly and accurately locate, track and view precise location data with ease. 

Our automated system works in even the toughest of conditions


Overcome communication barriers, conduct discrete emergency call triage, and communicate by text message with the two-way, fully translatable, built-in messenger


View location data in stunning detail, create RVP and waypoints with just a click and find nearby addresses or access points to get the right level of response every single time


Our ‘last mile’ navigation solution, “SAR Deploy”, helps responders navigate to remote locations whilst on foot or in a specialist vehicle. All without the need to input complex coordinates or addresses

How the EmergencyLocate platform works

iPhone Mapping App
EmergencyLocate search results showing 3D Mapping and location information
Establish contact

digitally receive location and device data instantly

Assess location intelligence

view coordinate and mapping data to make enhanced dispatch decisions that saves time and resources

Navigate from the vehicle

view and navigate to the location without needing to input coordinates

Here's why emergency service and rescue professionals count on EmergencyLocate​


The number of times EmergencyLocate has helped make a difference to emergency, search and rescue teams

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EmergencyLocate has been created to provide solutions that are used alongside your critical infrastructure, systems and established processes to help save lives. We don’t aim to replace anything you’re already using!

For an emergency response nothing is more critical than the location and we believe location is as much about ‘how’  as it is the ‘where’. 

Our solutions are built using significant real-world experience to ensure your callers are located, and your responders know how best to get where they’re needed. Get in touch to try out EmergencyLocate for FREE and discover how we can support your operations and your teams to save lives.