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At EmergencyLocate, we bring extensive experience of both frontline and operational roles within search, rescue, and emergency services.

This deep understanding of the challenges you face is what sets us apart; we have crafted solutions specifically designed to address those challenges.

We can locate those who need your help when your existing tools don't cut it..

EmergencyLocate was founded on a basis of frustration. With over 19 years experience of Emergency Services in the UK, I know the problems are well understood, but the solutions either lacking, or not designed for emergency-working along side mission critical systems.

Our solutions  empower your staff to take control of emergency calls with difficult or unknown locations. Location searching isn’t about having the one right tool for the job, but about having a whole toolbox of solutions available.

What’s more, we know the complexities involved in emergency situations, be that noisy scenes or if the caller’s ability to communicate is impaired.

That’s why, with EmergencyLocate in your toolbox you can detect the location of a smartphone, anywhere in the world, without the caller even needing to speak to your operator!

Supporting emergency and rescue services across the world.

When we built EmergencyLocate, we focussed on the things that we know are most important.

We designed a resilient, outsourced, architecture with managed support contracts in place to make sure we are available to you when you need us.

We built in security and highly optimised frameworks to keep your teams, data and our services safe.

We produced accurate, reliable and super-fast solutions that don’t need hours of training to use, and can sit right alongside your existing control room software!

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