Trusted to deliver mission critical location awareness, that helps save lives

You can use our solutions to locate individuals who need help, you can convert location information easily between popular formats and of course you can send that information to your responders in a way that helps them navigate directly to where the help is needed!

We have chosen to integrate EmergencyLocate’s SAR Deploy functionality into the ‘Exact Location’ and ‘Access’ sections of the METHANE pneumonic within the JESIP app to help responders and commanders view and navigate to incident locations without the need to copy coordinates or addresses between apps. EmergencyLocate's innovative solutions will help to improve the speed and accuracy of deployments particularly when briefing on significant, critical or major incidents.
"EmergencyLocate is so good that I won't work without it ready to go on my Dispatch Terminal! It has saved me a few times from very drawn-out searches for my patients... Not only that, but it helped us communicate with callers via text message, when they are unable to talk. The fact that what3words is baked into EmergencyLocate is absolutely fantastic. Utilizing EmergencyLocate's translator has been a huge win, especially when used to determine the language spoken and to easily convey messages via text in the caller's own language. Needless to say, I am very impressed with it so far!"
"Humberside Fire and Rescue Service wanted to enhance the ability to be able to locate emergency callers. The EmergencyLocate solution perfectly meets this need and allows our Control Staff to maximise the ability to pinpoint a caller with ease!"
"Our 911 Centre covers a vast geographical area with a transient population. Using EmergencyLocate ensures every resident or visitor in our Region receives the best service possible."
EmergencyLocate provides an intuitive platform that enables us to initiate and manage call outs. The team at EmergencyLocate have been very accommodating and have provided additional services that allow us to contact our team members whilst on the move. This provides an integral tool for the team, reducing the response time and increasing the locational accuracy when responding to incidents!
"EmergencyLocate is a welcome addition to our toolbox and will help to ensure our residents get the help they require no matter where they are located!"
"Simply put, EmergencyLocate offers emergency control rooms a valuable tool to pinpoint the location of 999 / 911 / 112 callers in just a few quick steps with minimal fuss. In a business where seconds really do matter, this is a tool all control rooms should be considering."
"We chose EmergencyLocate to ensure an opportunity exists for those emergency callers who are unable to provide us their location to utilize technology to assist in identifying their location to the medical call evaluator in the communications centre."
"EmergencyLocate has made a real difference in Scottish Ambulance Control, being able to send a text then get the exact location is very quick and easy to do, we are finding EmergencyLocate invaluable and really could be the difference of life and death"
"Our city has a river valley that encompasses a large area. 911 callers on the river are often unfamiliar with the location and landmarks of our city. Using EmergencyLocate will ensure our residents and visitors receive the best service possible. The demonstration Nick gave was very informative, and we are excited to #ExpandTheToolbox with the EmergencyLocate platform!"
"I am super impressed with EmergencyLocate's SAR Deploy solution 👍 It is a really handy tool helping us all get to the right place, without needing to input addresses or coordinates! I can deploy faster and can focus on other things know EmergencyLocate has got me covered"
"EmergencyLocate provides our ambulance communication centre with a quick and efficient way to locate patients in remote areas much more accurately than our existing capabilities. These innovative tools will doubtless save lives."
"The Scottish Ambulance Service are extremely pleased to be utilising EmergencyLocate, this very useful tool will greatly assist us in responding to and providing help to patients, especially in our remote and rural areas."
"Being in need of urgent help and not being able to easily describe where you are can be pretty distressing for the person involved and a really difficult situation for emergency services. It’s therefore been incredible to see UK emergency services embrace innovation like what3words and EmergencyLocate to respond effectively and quickly in moments like these."