Our web application is where the magic happens.

You can use EmergencyLocate  to locate individuals who need help, you can convert location information easily between popular formats and of course you can send that information to your responders in a way that helps them navigate directly to where the help is needed! 

Locate, convert, deploy… With EmergencyLocate.


Easily and quickly locate smart devices to just a couple of meters with our guided process. We will walk your staff through the process of connecting to your 999 / 9-1-1 caller and silently returning location data, typically in just a couple of seconds! 

We also facilitate two-way text message ‘chat’ between your teams and your callers which is perfect for situations where the caller can not clearly communicate, or, it is not safe for them to do so.

EmergencyLocate locate device screen showing text message conversation between emergency dispatcher and casualty


Whether or not you’re inputting known location data, such as coordinates or even a what3words address, or acting on location data from a smart device, EmergencyLocate will convert to local formats, including a dispatchable location address, ready for you to use with CAD and responders alike.

Further to that you can use our stunning 3D mapping mode to plot additional ‘waypoints’ or locate the nearest address to a given point with ease!

EmergencyLocate results showing a number of waypoints and the ability to determine the nearest address


For difficult locations responders need navigation assistance once they step out of their vehicle. With EmergencyLocate responders can receive precise location information in their favourite apps and navigate from their location to exactly where they are needed with our innovative SAR Deploy solution

There is no need for the responder to input the destination, which reduces deployment times and, crucially, removes the possibly of an error being introduced when location data is re-input to a navigation device or app. 

The EmergencyLocate Web App facilitates enhanced dispatch descion-making by providing the best location information and intelligence, not just on where to send your responders, but also which responders to send and how to get them to where they are needed!

EmergencyLocate search results showing 3D Mapping and location information

You can also send deployment messages to responders or share with external agencies right in the EmergencyLocate web app.

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We would love to be able to tell you all about each of our carefully considered features, such as how we retrieve location information without even needing your caller to speak (Quite helpful if there’s a dangerous scene, a medical reason or their surroundings are preventing clear communication!). How about securely and speedily sharing the exact location data with external agencies by creating a custom link?

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