SMS Locate & Deploy via Smart Phone

Not all of our customers have the luxury of a control room or command and control system to help coordinate their ground operations. Enter SAR LAD! Our Locate and Deploy tool brings the full power of EmergencyLocate to those without computer or internet access.

Locate by Text Message.The power of EmergencyLocate... Now available in the field.

Customers can access our platform and instigate a ‘Phone find’, or deploy their teams of responders using text message only, which is perfect for responders or team leaders who find themselves without an internet connection!

SAR LAD was designed in conjunction with the Outer Hebrides Mountain Rescue Team (OHMRT) based in North Western Scotland.

OHMRT operate in a demanding environment and chose EmergencyLocate to support their teams in locating casualties or missing people and being able to get either directly to those people or to an agreed deployment point.

SMS LAD has also been chosen by UK emergency services as a means of ensuring they can still locate an emergency caller during planned/unplanned downtime or larger business continuity incident. Get in touch to learn more.

Deploy by Text Message.

By populating your agencies responder directory within EmergencyLocate, we share a pre-defined or custom deployment message with all, or a sub-section, of your team. Responders will receive a link which points them to our SAR Deploy dashboard, enabling simple and efficient navigation to exactly where needed.

Eliminate the risks of a misinterpreted location.

Along with the time taken to input location data heard over the radio, or from one system to another, the chance of a mistake being made somewhere along the way is actually quite high, and the impact of such a mistake potentially disastrous.

We can integrate with CAD systems easily to automate the process further, meaning no one has to write out coordinates at all! By using EmergencyLocate we can actually identify the location where help is needed, convert that location data to dispatchable address data, and share it with responders without anyone having to speak, type, spell or otherwise communicate the location data at all! We make it so you can locate and deploy safely, accurately and reliably.

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