Web Application

Our web application is the beating heart of our platform. Typically used by control / dispatch center staff to access our full suite of powerful tools and solutions.

SAR Deploy

SAR Deploy is our lite version of the deployment functionality included in our web app and is completely independent of the wider EmergencyLocate platform. It’s a super simple way to share location information with responders using your current systems.

SMS Locate & Deploy

This is our ‘on the go’ operations system, allowing leaders to initiate sessions to locate persons in distress, or, deploy single or multiple responders to a specific location, entirely by using text message commands sent to our platform, no computer (or internet) access necessary!


We made sure to design a platform with a flexible and accessible API. This means systems providers can integrate EmergencyLocate in to anything from digital telephony systems, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, or even in-vehicle applications. This brings the power of EmergencyLocate to the systems you already use every day!