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The power of EmergencyLocate... Now available in the field.

Not all of our customers have the luxury of a control room or command and control system to help coordinate their ground operations. Enter SAR LAD! Our Locate and Deploy tool brings the full power of EmergencyLocate to those without computer or internet access.

Customers can access our platform and instigate a Locate Smart Device, or deploy their teams of responders using text message only.

SAR LAD was designed in conjunction with the Outer Hebrides Mountain Rescue Team (OHMRT) based in North Western Scotland.

OHMRT operate in a demanding environment and chose EmergencyLocate to support their teams in locating casualties or missing people and being able to get either directly to those people or to an agreed deployment point.

Locate by Text Message

When you need to locate a casualty or missing person in the field, you can have the power of EmergencyLocate accessible right from your smart device! It's super simple to issue a 'Locate' command to our platform, we take care of the hard work for you and alert you, and your team, of where you need to be.

Deploy by Text Message

By populating your agencies responder directory within EmergencyLocate, we share a pre-defined or custom deployment message with all, or a sub-section, of your team. They'll receive a link which points them to our SAR Deploy dashboard, enabling simple and efficient navigation to exactly where needed.

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