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Deploy responders wherever needed, with navigation every step of the way.

A huge frustration for responders, contributor to deployment delays, and risk of a mistake being introduced is where responders are required to manually input location data to generate navigation instructions.

We have overcome that problem by introducing SAR Deploy. This part of our platform parses location information in to an easily sharable link which is then sent to responders.

All the responder needs to do is follow the link, and choose which app they’d like to use for navigation! This saves time and eliminates the risk of a responder arriving somewhere other than where they are needed.

Reduce Deployment Times

Using SAR Deploy, you can significantly reduce the time taken for a responder to deploy by including our custom SAR Deploy location links within your deployment message.

We support formats such as lat/long, UTM, Eastings/Northings, OS Grid and what3words for maximum flexibility.

Follow the link, tap the icon for your chosen maps app and go! The added benefit here is that typically navigation ends when responders leave their vehicles, with SAR Deploy responders can take navigation prompts with them, on a device they carry all the time!

Eliminate the risks of a misinterpreted location

Despite the time taken to input location data heard over the radio, or from one system to another, the chance of a mistake being made somewhere along the way is actually quite high, and the impact of such a mistake potentially disastrous.

We can integrate with CAD systems easily to automate the process further, meaning no one has to write out coordinates at all! By using EmergencyLocate we can actually identify the location where help is needed, convert that location data to dispatchable address data, and share it with responders without anyone having to speak, type, spell or otherwise communicate the location data at all! We make it so you can locate and deploy safely, accurately and reliably.

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