EmergencyLocate V3 Platform

We have focussed on bringing you secure, resilient and effective tools that support your teams to locate those that need your help, in even the toughest of circumstances

Our web application is the beating heart of our platform. Typically used by control / dispatch center staff to access our full suite of powerful tools and solutions.

SAR Deploy is our a lite version of the deployment functionality included in our web app and is completely independent of the wider EmergencyLocate platform. It’s a super simple way to share location information with responders using your current systems.

This is our ‘on the go’ operations system, allowing leaders to initiate sessions to locate persons in distress, or, deploy single or multiple responders to a specific location, entirely by using text message commands sent to our platform, no computer (or internet) access necessary!

We made sure to design a platform with a flexible and accessible API. This means systems providers can integrate EmergencyLocate in to anything from digital telephony systems, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, or even in-vehicle applications. This brings the power of EmergencyLocate to the systems you already use every day! 

All of the above will ‘push’ location data to your CAD when the emergency call is made. Depending on how the device has been used in the seconds before the emergency call will determine the accuracy of the location data available at the point it is ‘pushed’ to emergency services.

EmergencyLocate uses custom technology to ‘pull’ the location data from the device at any point in the incident (not just when the 911/999 call is made!) also, we can refine the location on the device by spending a few seconds for the device to send the most accurate location data. We aim for <10 meters accuracy and this usually takes between 3 and 7 seconds.

Costs depend on the size of your agency and your annual emergency call numbers.

We have worked really hard to deliver a solution we are proud for our customers to use, and now we want to make it available as widely as possible.

Our average annual licence cost is around 5000 $CAD / £3500 across our customer base.

You can talk to us! Our platform also has built in training materials with video demonstrations and walkthroughs, as well as interactive tutorials built right in to our solutions, so you can’t put a foot wrong.

Training to use EmergencyLocate is minimal, we provide built in assistance and direction at every step of the process.


With EmergencyLocate there’s nothing to install, and your callers don’t need an app either!

We are 100% cloud based, predominantly accessed through our web-app by all major browsers, but we also offer a text-message interface (SAR LAD) that lets you send us text message commands to locate devices or deploy teams, and our API is ready to integrate with telephony, CAD, or your custom software to deliver our full functionality in your own environment.

We will return a variety of location formats, depending on where you are in the world.

All customers will get latitude/longitude and what3words. UK customers will also get Eastings and Northings as well as Ordnance Survey Grid References, whilst Canada and US will get UTM.

We also provide the distance and direction to the point where help is needed from the nearest address or identifiable landmark. This really helps responders navigate using real-world objects and speeds up response times.